Pervasive DataExchange Overview


DataExchange v5

Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 Compatible

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New Features

Pervasive DataExchange v5 includes all of the features and enhancements of release 4.0. The upgrade enables the functionality of your previous release to be compatible with Pervasive PSQL Vx Server and other Pervasive PSQL products.


Get your data where you need it with the database replication technology of Pervasive DataExchange.

Pervasive DataExchange™ offers targeted solutions to data movement and synchronization problems like real-time backup and data synchronization.


Maintaining a real-time backup

Mission-critical data is a high-value, time-sensitive corporate asset. Protecting this data from disasters, ranging from major floods to minor water pipe breaks, requires copying fresh data to a secure location.

ThePervasive DataExchange Real-Time Backup Editionreplicates data from a production server to a backup server. If a system fails, clients can be redirected to the up-to-date backup. With DataExchange, data loss and down time due to system crashes, hardware failures, or site disasters are eliminated.

DataExchange Real-Time Backup

Synchronizing multiple databases

Growth in the number of users, offices and locations is increasing the distribution of data. Users expect immediate access to information regardless of location. This requires moving data to where the users are.

ThePervasive DataExchange Data Synchronization Editionreplicates data between Pervasive PSQL databases. It solves problems ranging from driving data to a second server for offline reporting, sharing data between multiple warehouses and connecting mobile users with a head office. With DataExchange, users always see fresh and consistent data.

DataExchange Data Synchronization

Unique Technology

Pervasive DataExchange leverages sophisticated databasereplication technology to ensure your mission-critical data is always where you need it when you need it. Deployment options range from embedding in applications to end user installation.