Pervasive products are designed and built from the ground up to deliver flexible, value-based solutions that respect the specific budgetary and resource concerns of all organizations. At the same time, Pervasive products offer enterprise-level functionality to help organizations quickly and fully integrate disparate systems and connect them to applications, data, people, and business partners.

  • Pervasive PSQL™— A powerful, embeddable database engine that combines high performance, flexibility, scalability, and a low total cost of ownership.
  • Pervasive AuditMaster™— A data security product providing transaction intelligence and proactive monitoring of data access.
  • Pervasive DataExchange™— A comprehensive replication product that addresses urgent data movement and synchronization needs to help support disaster recovery and business continuity.
  • Pervasive Backup Agent™— A powerful agent to ensure integrity and consistency for your database backup, automating complex backup processes and complementing existing backup software.