Pervasive Backup Agent Overview

Backup Agent v3.1


Now with 64-bit support

Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 Compatible

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  • Intelligent Backup Protection, Online and Offline
  • Ensures Accurate and Complete Point-In-Time Recovery
  • Works directly with ARCserve®, Backup Exec™ and others
  • Supports Pervasive PSQL Workgroup and Server Editions

The Challenges of Reliable Database Backup

Successful database backups, whether to tape, disk, or optical media, require three things: Accurate point-in-time recovery, no interruption of service, and an easy-to-use solution that makes it happen.

The Backup Safety Net

  • Provides an Accurate Backup Backup Agent works with third-party software to ensure accurate, reliable point-in-time recovery for partial or complete backups.
  • Protects Your Data Integrity Keeps files that are changed while a backup is running from impacting data integrity, so you can back up your data any time. Protection while users are connected, files are in use, or even during peak hours; with no interruption of service.
  • Intelligent Management Backup Agent provides reliability and recovery should a server crash occur during a backup session – without any user involvement.


Intelligent Backup Protection

Backup Agent works transparently during a backup session by automatically placing files that are open during the session into a “continuous operations” mode—all
changes are buffered and applied to the file after the backup.


Easy to Install and Use

Installation can be deployed in under 60 seconds. Simple-to-use set-up via a graphical interface or through configuration of your thirdparty backup solution for seamless integration. Backup Agent works behind the scenes for reliable backups, with zero administration.

  • Through a Simple GUI
    When Backup Agent is turned on, the Pervasive PSQL database is placed into backup mode. When the backup is complete, turning it off will return the database to normal operations.
  • Scripted from a Command Line
    Simply add start and stop commands to your existing backup software’s pre-commands and post-commands. Your backup software will then automatically enable Backup Agent at the appropriate time, guaranteeing consistent and reliable Pervasive PSQL database backups for your regularly scheduled jobs.
  • Embedded in an Application
    Backup Agent exposes an API for application developers, so you can add it directly into applications and provide the highest level of backup data assurance.


Protect Your Data Now

Backup Agent is the simplest way to manage Pervasive PSQL database operations during data backups. Backup Agent provides complete database protection when used with a third-party backup solution.