Pervasive AuditMaster Overview


AuditMaster v8

Now Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 Compatible

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Pervasive AuditMaster v8 is an upgrade from all previous versions of AuditMaster. The upgrade enables the functionality of your previous release to be compatible with Pervasive PSQL Vx Server and other Pervasive PSQL products.

You do not need to uninstall the previous version of AuditMaster to upgrade. Pervasive AuditMaster v8 can be upgraded directly on any existing version. Pervasive AuditMaster installs using the same directories used with your Pervasive PSQL product.

Pervasive AuditMaster v8 is supported on the same platforms as Pervasive PSQL v11 Server and Pervasive PSQL Vx Server 11. Complete list of the supported operating systems.


Compliance, Monitoring, Auditing and Reporting

  • Data Access Security and Accountability
  • Monitor and Log Database Activity
  • User Defined Alerts for Database Events

AuditMaster tracks access at the database level, providing an audit trail, alert notification and reporting.


Ensure Application Security

Whether the goal is reducing the risk of misuse and minimizing the effects of fraud or meeting increased expectations for security and privacy, businesses need to know what's happening with their data.

Detailed Audit Trail- AuditMaster logs database events such as user ID, network station ID, time and date of operation, application, database and table type, and before and after transaction images for all record updates.

Query and Alert Capability- Users can query audit trail data and create alerts customized to business rules. AuditMaster can generate alerts in the form of email, calls to applications, or executables.

Support Diagnosis and Data Recovery- Review database events to determine how applications got into problem state and undo changes as needed to get the customer back in business quickly.

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Know Who's Doing What to Your Data When, Where and How

Improving Customer Support

Reducing Fraud

Satisfying Regulation

End-user technical support is a tough task. Support staff rarely has enough information to quickly diagnose the source of data problems, especially if it is due to user error.

AuditMaster can reduce customer support costs by increasing the speed and accuracy of problem diagnosis, protecting against automatic blame and safeguarding credibility.

Fraud often turns on the fact that those who commit it exceed their authority while accessing data in their normally assigned work.

AuditMaster alerts can be custom set to watch for suspect activity, as well as a wide range of other events, targeted at the specific needs of your workplace and policies.

Nearly all geographies and industries are now  covered by privacy and security regulation.

Pervasive AuditMaster helps with regulatory compliance through enforcing best practices and maintaining detailed audit trails.